Ski RL

Ski through the treacherous mountains back to your home. 

  • Level 1: mountain side
  • Level 3: ice caves
  • Level 4: thick forest
  • Level 5: large ice cave
  • Level 6: snowstorm
  • Level 7: home

This is a roguelike skiing game created as part of the 7DRL Challenge 2019. It features a skiing mechanic that is used for both movement and combat. 

[Note: Space bar is a crucial non-standard movement control used to brake]

Objective of the game

There are several levels before you can reach your home. Each level contains different features or enemies. To reach the next level ski upward (north) to find a mountain pass to the next level.


Like with real skiing (I guess) you have to judge your speed and distance to obstacles. If you don't pay attention it is easy to hit a tree, or worse!

Use arrow keys, WASD or vi keys to move.

  • Pay attention to the speed value on the screen because it tells you how many tiles you will move when you next hit a move key. Use this to determine if you will run into something.
  • Colliding with hostile creatures damages them, not you. The faster you are going the more damage you will do (1 speed=1 damage)
  • Speed up by skiing in the same direction over multiple turns.
  • Slow down by changing direction. Changing direction will reduce your speed by one.
  • Space can be used to emergency brake, taking your speed back down to 1 instantly. This is very important if you find you are going so fast there is no safe direction to go.
  • You can skip a turn (aka rest) by pressing . or R. Skipping a turn with a speed greater than 1 will cause you to continue in the same direction.
  • While skiing fast (speed > 1) you cannot double back on yourself. Instead if you press the reverse key you will continue in the same direction at the same speed (same as resting).


There are a few items you can find along the way, often inside cabins. It's possible to win without items, but the items will help. Items are picked up automatically. You have to move exactly over an item to pick it up, or time it right to snatch it. If you go too fast you will shoot past it. Press i to bring up inventory to use items.


There are a few hostile creatures roaming the mountains with different movement styles. You can either attempt to fight them or a better alternative might be to ski round them. The difficulty is going fast enough to outrun them but not so fast you hit a tree.

Known Issues

This list is short but that's probably due to a lack of play testing...

  • For whatever reason when you get to your home the end game message does not appear. If you reach a level with just a snowy area with a small cabin you have won the game.
  • Some of the UI is badly positioned if playing fullscreen. You can still see the information but it is badly aligned. sorry about that.
  • The FOV calculation timing is slightly odd. If you notice a slight fluttering of the screen that's it.
StatusIn development
Rated 2.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing
Made withUnity
TagsRoguelike, skiing


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I really liked the fact that you accelerated if you keep the key pressed.

Very original RL gameplay.